Pubs and Clubs in Brisbane

Australians enjoy having a good time every after work. Unwinding at clubs and pubs is the most favorite activity of both men and women especially when drained and exhausted from heavy tasks. Here is the list of top 5 pubs in Brisbane:

  1. Sure Shot – a riverside bar where yuppies like to visit especially during Fridays because of the happy hour. They serve local beers and flavorful finger food to match the good mood atmosphere. So sit back and relax by the river, in any day.
  2. Cinco Hermano – located at Peach Street, is the most favorite bar of party goers. It has the Mexican vibe that makes everyone dance while they sip their favorite cocktails. Yes! Their cocktails are to die for. Not to mention the yummy tacos and quesadillas that most people order before or during the drinking session.
  3. Pier 21 – you can find this bar easily since it is on Eagle Street Pier. Middle aged adults like to chill in this cozy type tavern where they can sit, talk and enjoy Jazz music. They have beers, cocktails and hard liquor. Do not forget to try their barbecues because customers say it is one of a kind.
  4. Music Therapy – if you are looking for a karaoke bar in Brisbane, then you must try to drop by this place. You can book a room for a big group or a smaller space if you feel like to enjoy alone. They serve beer, cocktails and light snacks from 5 in the afternoon until midnight.
  5. Vittoria – roof deck or top bars are becoming in demand. The old school type of pubs where hundreds of light bulbs are hanged and a live band playing on stage is something to look forward to after an exhausting day.

Bakeshops in Brisbane

Bakeshops in Brisbane are quite booming especially during the months of February and December. We all know that Valentine’s and Christmas Day are always celebrated with festive food so, cakes and other special pastries are on the table. You may want to check out the following bakeshops and pastry stores within the city:

Shake and Bake

This is a small café where you can dine in or take out pastries and beverages. Their specialty are revel and lemon bars. They serve healthy drinks such as fruit and veggies smoothie. If you want to chill out and satisfy your sweet tooth, come visit this bakeshop at #56 Orion Street, Brisbane.

Lola’s Cakes

For special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. try Lola’s cakes at Brown Street. They accept bulk orders and customized cakes with fondant or icing perfect for themed parties and special events.

Griffin Cupcakes

Aside from their yummy cupcakes and muffins, this bakeshop became famous because of their basic baking short course for kids and adults held once or twice a year. They train students to make simple bread and cakes.

French Bakery

For ordinary days and you are craving for anything sweet, this French inspired bakeshop has rare to find pastries like French Macarons, Éclair and Cream Puffs. They also have a variety of loaf breads and croissants.

Wonderland Cakes

For big events such as weddings and debuts, Wonderland is famous for tall layers of cakes and pretty cupcakes to match the theme. Unlike other cake shops, they only sell few simple pastries every day and requires orders and reservation at least a week prior to the celebration when you want a layer cake for special occasions.